Monday, January 23, 2012

7 how angelic

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Last night as I went to turn out the lights and tuck my little ones in I stopped and stared at them.
I couldn't believe their perfectness.
All three of them sleeping sweetly and soundly. I looked at their soft lips, their chubby cheeks. I listened to them breathe. 
I wanted to breathe them into the deepest part of me and hold them there.
How angelic they are.
 My heart becomes so full every time I look at them. Overcome with such emotion and love.
The world is a better place with them here. My life is a sweeter experience with them in it.
Such little people who will have a profound impact on the world.
Bringing their angelic ways to this earth and blessing it with their spirits.
No matter their age I will always see them this way. My three little babies. Angels in my home.


Elisha(: said...

Awwwwwwh, (:

Erma said...

Your kids looks so sweet. I love to watch my little one sleep. Kids always look so peaceful, angelic, and without a worry in the world.

Lacee Griffith Mommas Like Me Blog said...

Awww! I just love the way you write and express said it perfectly :)

Jenni said...

Such agreat reminder to really enjoy our kiddos just as they are RIGHT NOW. With the hustle and bustle of life it gets a little crazy, but I appreciate this sweet post. Have a great day! PS--Your kiddos are super cute! =)

Melanie said...

They are SO beautiful! What a sweet post :)

bird and tree said...

no truer words have been spoken...I know exactly how you feel. What a great experience it is to be a mother! Thanks for the reminder!!

Genie said...

What an adorable family. Your captures are sheer perfection. Loved your thoughts that you shared with us. They were so filled with unconditional love. A beautiful post. genie